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Air freight

Safari freights goods by air at any time of day between any country. We have extensive experience in air cargo and will ensure its effortless, safe, and expeditious arrival to the correct destination. Contact Safari for a quotation on air freight.

Sea freight

Large cargo is often quicker and more affordable to transport by sea. Safari freights containers and pallets between any country efficiently and at competitive rates. Contact Safari for a quotation on sea freight.

Urgent freight

With our trademark service of highest priority delivery, Safari will prepare your goods for dispatch in a matter of hours instead of days. Our hotline answers at any time of day, and we will track your parcel to its final destination at competitive prices. When you are in a hurry to transport your goods, call +298 222222.

Moving goods

Make use of our door-to-door services for your move to and from the Faroe Islands. Once your cargo has been packaged, we will collect it at your doorstep and transport it all the way to your new address. We ship moving goods worldwide. Contact Safari for a quotation on moving goods.

Dangerous goods

We are licensed to handle and ship dangerous goods. Please indicate in your booking whether your cargo contains any item classified as dangerous goods. If in doubt, you are welcome to contact us for further information and guidance on shipping dangerous goods.

Human Remains

If the unthinkable happens and you have to transport remains between countries, we have the equipment and expertise to guide you through the process. We handle transportation of remains to and from the Faroe Islands. Our hotline will answer any time of day and provide personalised advice on +298 222222.


We ship any living animal to and from the Faroe Islands. Contact Safari for further information and a quotation.


If your space is limited, we can provide you with additional storage at our facility in Hoyvík, Faroe Islands. Contact Safari for a quotation for your storage needs.

Recurring freight

You are welcome to enter a standing offer agreement with Safari for recurring shipping requirements. Contact us for a quotation on a shipping contract.

Customs clearance

Our staff is highly knowledgeable about your questions regarding customs clearance and duties and is available to provide you with bespoke guidance. Contact us for any queries regarding customs to and from the Faroe Islands.


You can set our agent in Denmark as the recipient for goods from, for example, IKEA. Write the following address:

Your Name

c/o Safari Transport

Containervej 5A, Pakhus 404A

DK-8000 Århus


Send us the order confirmation or invoice from, for example, IKEA to Then we can handle the rest: both shipping, customs clearance, and delivery. Please contact us for a quote.